--Local Radio Hobby Events and Information

One of the main things MARE does is provide a local forum for discussing what goes on in the radio hobbies.
Since 1984 (Yes ... 36 years!), we've done this by sponsoring discussion groups, holding meetings and publishing a bi-monthly newsbulletin.
Not only that, but since January 1994, (yes ... 26 years!) we've published a frequent e-mail only 'tip sheet' with late breaking news about the radio hobbies.
And since 1996 we've branched out via this newfangled Internet thingie, to include this web page.

Here are links to our local events calendar and a couple of other local groups in the Great Lakes area:

Want some fun? MAREite Don Moore, famous for BLANDEX as well as many interesting bits of tid about Latin American Stations and DXing has a web page worth linking to.
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