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**Contributors for Issue Number 73:********************************************
Tony Kekalos  Alice Springs, Australia   Ken MacHarg             Quito, Ecuador
Mike Meehan              Marquette, MI   Karl Racenis               Livonia, MI
Larry Russell             Flushing, MI   Bob Walker                    Troy, MI
Niel Wolfish              Toronto, ONT   Ken Zichi              Williamston, MI

A great turnout this week. Check out the far-out scanner contributions!

**Upcoming Events:*************************************************************
Mar. 14-16; NASWA Winter SWL Festival at Holiday Inn, Kulpsville, PA
  Info: Winter SWL Festival, PO Box 591, Colmar, PA 18915
Mar. 16; Marshall Hamfest, Marshall High School (exit #110 from I-94)
  Info: Wes Chaney(N8BDM)  (616) 979-3433
Mar. 17; Toledo Mobile Radio Assoc. Hamfest, Maumee, OH
  Info: Robert Hanna(K8ADK)  (419) 382-2529

|Mar.23 (Saturday); 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM; MARE,inc. Shortwave Seminar            |
|  Livonia Civic Center Library                                               |
|  32777 Five Mile Rd. (east of Farmington Rd.), Livonia, MI                  |
|  Info - E-mail to ""                               |

|Mar.29-31 (Friday-Sunday): MARE, inc. DXpedition #33                         |
|  Brighton State Recreation Area, Family Cabin #2                            |
|  Brighton, MI (Exit 147 off of I-96)                                        |
|  Info - E-mail to ""                               |

Note: Unless otherwise stated, all frequencies in kHz, times in UTC.


  720 CHTN Charlottetown PEI 9:14 pm ET 3/8 oldies mx, ID. --Russell
 1140 WVEL Pekin IL  2330 3/9  Black gospel mx, ID at 23:59, address in "Peoria
    IL" sign-off ? --Russell

  ALGERIA; 15160.2  R.Algiers Int'l.  2011  10/MAR  SIO-322  EG  M w/ Nx re
    Israeli arrests of Hamas, arrests of Moroccons in Algiers.   --Racenis

  KDED            Providence  6955 USB        March 10        0053-0115
    (tenative) weak with Sam Kinnison comedy bits and some rock mx.  [NjW-ON]
  Mystery Radio   Stoneham  6956            March 10        0003
    ID and electronic music noted; fair signal. [NjW-ON]
  Voice of Juliet         Merlin  6955 USB        March 10        1504-1527*
    New pirate with YL host Juliet playing rock/pop by females (Bjork, Hole,
    Liz Phair etc.) plus some female comedy bits; fair signal. [NjW-ONT]
  WBYR    Providence  6955.5 AM       March 9         2313-2321
    with rap music and Providence address; fair signal. [NjW-ON]
  WBYR 6955 2301-2322  3/9 OM playing rap mx, ID sounded like WTYR or WGYR.
    poor (Russell-MI)
  WREC   6955.2 AM       March 10        1912-2245
   live broadcast with co-host Pirate Pete from WRV with a wide range of music
   by The The, Pink Floyd, Belly, Soundgarden etc.; even music from the movie
   Grease!  Poor signal that got stronger as sunset approached. [NjW-ON]
  WRV     Wellsville
    6955 AM         March 10        1845-1848 noted with plugs for Pirate
    Radio Directory and A*C*E*; poor signal. [NjW-ON]
  UNID?  6955.2          March 10        1418-1423
    somebody testing with music by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones; poor. [NjW-ON]
  UNID 6955.7? ssb 0032-0056 3/10 techno mx 'mayday', Sam Kinison? humor, mx
    jeremiah was a bullfrog. poor, QSO interference (Russell-MI)
    (Niel W says this was likely KDED)

Niel Wolfish reports the following new station info-
  "KXBT,Vallejo, California is now (3/12) testing their 10 kw/1 kw
  transmitter on 1640 kHz.  Currently operating on 1190 kHz with 1 kw
  daytime only, they plan to begin regular 24-hour service on Sunday (3/17)
  or Monday (3/18).  Their programming will consist of Solid Gold Soul music,
  with live DJs from 0530-1900 Pacific Time, and ABC's The Touch satellite
  service from 1900-0530.  They will use 10 kw days and 1 kw nights with a non
  directional antenna.  After hearing the test on the evening on 3/11, I called
  them today and garnered most of this information.
  Send QSL requests to:
    3267 Sonoma Blvd
    Vallejo, CA   94590
  I tentatively heard 1640-KXBT last night.  Heard two Supremes records at 0820
  UTC (0320 ELT) on March 13.  Signal was very weak and could only be heard
  outside of my apartment with my loop and ICF-2010.  I'm sure anybody with a
  quieter noise level and/or a decent antenna would have heard them without any

On HCJB's "The Latest Catch", Rich McVicar announced that again this
  year, RTV-Hong Kong will have special weather bulletins broadcast on SW
  for the annual Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club races. Broadcasts will be on
  3940 kHz. at the following times and dates. This is a rare opportunity to
  directly log Hong Kong (other than the BBC relay).
    02/APR at 1015
    03-08/APR at 1015 & 2215
    09-21/APR at 2215
  Another tip is a special broadcast from Ireland's Midwest Radio on St.
    Patrick's Day via BBC transmitters in the UK. Scheduled times and
    frequencies are-
      17/MAR  1200-1600  11715  (EG 1200-1600 & 1410-1600)
                                (Irish 1400-1410)
                                (also segments in GM, FR, SP & IT)
      18/MAR  0000-0200  7325   (targetted to North America)
    QSL address is P.O. Box 1, Mayo, Ireland

Scanner stuff:
 Mike Meehan sends some corrections to the U.P. freqs. in last week's TipSheet-
    155.61 is Marquette PD. simplex freq used for car-car and intra-dept.
      traffic.   LEIN is 155.755. also designated inter-agency emergency freq.
    154.175 is Marquette Fire Dept. freq. used after initial dispatch on
    155.16 is used by Marquette and Alger counties for EMS
    155.415 is used by Keweenaw, Houghton, Gogebic, and Menominee counties for
      law enforcement.

Tony Kekalos VK8TK/N4RNI says "Just finished reading MARE Tipsheet #071 which
  contained some scanner frequencies for the UP.  Here are some of the
  interesting frequencies from a QTH just slightly farther away, Alice Springs,
  Northern Territory, Australia:"
     118.3    Alice Springs airport tower
     123.0    Alice Springs airport control
     119.8    Adelaide control
     124.1    Adelaide control
     128.85   Melbourne control
     159.73   RFDS (Royal Flying Doctor Service)
     162.4    U/I tour group service
     164.05   PAWA (Power and Water Authority)
     463.625  St. John's Ambulance
     467.775  Alice Springs Prison, callsign VHU
     467.8    Alice Springs Fire Brigade
     468.45   Alice Springs Police, callsign VKM
     491.7    Ansett Express courier service

From Bob Walker- "Saw on CBC-TV 9 last week (but forgot to put in the Tipsheet)
  that Windsor City (ON) has finally switched to their 14 frequency 800 MHz
  trunked system. Story described how the switch for PD from 3 to 14 channels
  will improve communications, while scanner listeners will be unable to listen
  in!  Yeah, right..."

**Schedules, etc.:*************************************************************
SWBC: With the growing tension level between China and Taiwan, there are some
  interesting verbal barbs as well as missle threats being exchanged. Here are
  the times and frequencies of scheduled broadcasts to North America-
  China Radio International (EG to North America)
     0000-0100   9710 // 11715
     0300-0400   9690 // 9710 // 11715
     0400-0500   9730
     0500-0600   9560
     1400-1600   7405 // 9785 // 11815
  Voice of Free China in EG International Service to America
     0200-0300   5950 // 9680 // 11740
     0300-0400   5950 // 9680
     0700-0800   5950
     1200-1300   9610 // 7130

**Interesting SW Programs******************************************************

BBC: World Service to the Americas
   Mine Fields
      Th 21/MAR                 2330   9590 6175 7325 5975
      F  22/MAR                 0330   5975 6175 9590
   Paris to New York by Land
      Su 17/MAR                 0130   5975 6175 7325 9590
      Tu 19/MAR                 1445   9515 15260 9740 17840
   Play of The Week: Crimes Of The Heart
      Sa 16/MAR                 2230   9590 6175 7325 5975
   Sell, Sell, Sell
      Th 21/MAR                 2315   9590 6175 7325 5975	
   The Idea of the City
      M  18/MAR                 1215   5965 6195 9740 15220	


  COLOMBIA, Voz del Llano, 6115.7, n/d confirmation letter in 7 months.
     V/s Alcides Antonia Jauregui Bautista, Director. --MacHarg, Ecuador

  Partial India Radio 6955 f/d map of India QSL sheet in 3 weeks  v/s
    Sanjay. --Russell

  Be sure to report YOUR stuff to ** Bob ** for the next issue!
                                                                      73! Karl

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