ONE MORE INSTANCE OF ANYONE LINKING OR PROVIDING THE 'DIRECT' URL TO THE RESOURCE FILE RATHER THAN THE MAIN MARE PAGE ON A MAILLIST WILL RESULT IN US PULLING THE RESOURCE FILE -- PLEASE DON'T MAKE THAT HAPPEN. Please DON'T link to this page or use its URL in messagees to maillists. We are more than happy to have you link to the 2010 FAQ, but please link to

not any of the more interior pages of our site, as the interior addresses will change randomly and with no warning.

(Yes that means we don't want our counters defeated, and we want to be sure you learn about MARE not just snarf the resource file and run! Is that really too much to ask???? DON'T ABUSE THIS OR THE FILE WILL GO AWAY!)

While you are here, be sure to check out the MARE Home Page!

Or look here for more Info on MARE

Well -- it happened.  This page is temporarily removed because some people
 can't seem to understand simple requests like the one above.  

I am in the process of updating this anyway, so now is as good a time
 to take down the old version as any, but really, if you don't want to see
 this disappear and never come back, (let alone never get updated!)
 please understand and follow requests!

Thanks  //kv zichi for MARE,Inc.  8/8/2003