--Hardware and 'software' for radio nuts

Like computers there are two main areas a radio hobbyist must understand to master the hobby: hardware and 'software'.

Hardware consists of things like radios and antennae, of course, but it isn't really that simple. Some equipment is best built by the hobbyist, other things are easier to find commercially, and some can go either way. We've incorporated some 'DIY' links for those so inclined as well as support links to equipment sellers and manufacturers.

As unclear as hardware can be, the 'software' side of radio can be even more elusive than computer software. Yes, we're talking about understanding the science and behaviour of radio waves and what you need to do in order to 'get hear from there' so to speak.

If you are looking for computer software -- hit the links from the individual hobby area sections such as the SWL section for that kind of info.

The primary source for information about both these subjects resides mainly in print (yes, you *do* need to go to your local library eventually -- try it now -- you might find you like it!) but there are starting to be useful and interesting links about both these items.

Here are a couple of our favourite links.... First on the hardware side:

On the 'software' side you really need to explore your local library a bit, but for now here are some interesting links:

And lastly ...

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