--LW/SW 'Utility' transmission hunting

Some of our members are involved in listening to point-to-point (or 'utility') transmissions that are broadcast on Long Wave and Short Wave. These are in many ways similar to what is available on local scanners, but are services that by their nature must be conducted over long distances, so VHF and UHF signals are inappropriate.

We have also added some information about the Mid East situation in a new portion of the MARE web site. Check it out and let us know if you have any other info of use!

Here is some info from sources other than MARE of interest to UTE DXers....

Here is some more specific information and links about UTE stations.

Typically, SW is used for things like trans-oceanic flight control, marine weather and traffic information and search and rescue operations on the high seas -- in other words, just like what is heard on VHF except with a more global span.

Here are a couple of links of interest to SW Utility buffs (please note that these pages are not maintained by MARE...):

Typically LW is used primarily by the so called 'NDB' stations -- Non- Directional Beacons -- located at airports, Lighthouses and the like and used to help aircraft and ships navigate. It is sometimes hard to explain why it is fun to try to hear a station that does nothing but broadcast it's call sign over and over (as NDB stations do). In theory it is because these stations are weak, distant and a challenge to hear -- all the things that make for good DX. Hey --real radio nuts love this stuff!

Here are some resources of note for LW DXers (please note that these pages are not maintained by MARE...):

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