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Many of our members enjoy the technical challenge of receiving "standard" broadcast stations outside the areas they are intended to serve. These MW (that's what hobbyists call "AM") FM and TV DXers have many of the same interests as SW Broadcast Listeners and DXers, but need even less in the way of equipment. Anyone with a car radio or an old TV with rabbit ears can join in the fun here!

 [Screenshot of TV DX] Here is an example of TV DX. ---------->

The image to the right is a snapshot of reception in Central Lower Michigan in July 1996. This was seen during a nice Tropo opening to Northern Ohio, and represents a distance of about 250 km (160 mi).

This reception was with a Magnavox 20 inch colour TV, and a rooftop Yagi antenna -- nothing an average household wouldn't have, in other words.

(Photo taken with a Pentax K1000/70mm lens and ASA 400 film at 1/30th f5.6, processed with Kodak 'premium package' returning JPEGs on disk.... A pretty slick service but no longer really relevant since digital cameras are so ubiquitous these days (or even available since Kodak's bankruptcy?)! ... :o )

MARE regularly prints logging and news tips concerning both MW and FM/TV DX like this reception in both its print and e-mail only publications. Ask us for a sample or join MARE for all the good stuff! This link will get you a MARE membership application and more information about MARE.

Member Gary Vance has put together a list of Michigan Radio Stations with all the Michigan MW and FM stations that we know of. Thanks Gary!

Member Harold Frodge has started assembling a Guide to Michigan TV Stations listing the currently active TV stations in the state. Thanks Harold! This is getting a bit stale, so if YOU have updates or more info, please forward them -- we need to bring this into the 'digital tv' age!

Here are some net links of interest to domestic band hobbyists: (information in these links maintained by groups other than MARE....)

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