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Voice of America Radiogram

(via Aoki and direct)

The Voice of America has been experimenting with "digital modes" that allow transmission of text, photos and even web pages via radio in an effort to coax more utility from the medium we love and take for granted these days.

While the VoA is a mere shadow of its former self, this transmission of theirs is one of the most interesting and promising experiments we've seen in a long while from any SW Broadcaster! Why not download one of the freeware or shareware digital mode decoding software programs out there (FLDigi is one that is both free and cross-platform with flavors available for Windows, Unix and MacOS) hook your radio speaker to your computer audio input and see what there is to see on Shortwave these days!

(An example of a photo broadcast by the VoA as received in Michigan on 11/Oct/2014 at 0930 on 5910 kHz)

VoA Radiogram A-2015 Transmissions are mostly in English, but there are occasional stories broadcast in 
Spanish, Russian and other languages as the content fits.
***Updated as of 2/May/2015***

These transmissions are sent in various experimental digital modes, but mostly MFSK ... fire up the 
computer and software such as FLDigi and have a go at one of the most innovative broadcasts on the air! 

 Time      days    freq   pwr    beam  transmitter site
 0230 0300 1......  5745  250 kW 190   USA Greenville B
 0930 1000 ......7  5745  250 kW 190   USA Greenville B
 1930 2000 1...... 15670   80 kW  45   USA Greenville B
 1600 1630 ......7 17870  250 kW  45   USA Greenville B

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