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Voice of Turkey
English Schedule

The Voice of Turkey is one of the most reliable Mid-eastern voices here in Michigan. Give them a listen, and be sure to drop them a line to let them know you appreciate that you can actually hear them on Shortwave!

Their frequency schedule is here and their English web page is here.


A-15 English from the Voice of Turkey  good until 25 October 2015

0300-0400   6165 / 9515   9655   Iraq, Syria, Jordan & The Arab Peninsula / Europe, USA, East Canada, Cuba
1230-1330  15540                 Europe
1630-1730  15520                 Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan
1830-1930   9785                 Europe
2030-2130   7205                 South Asia, Australia   
2200-2300   5960   9830          Europe, Eastern USA, Canada

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