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Radio Thailand English Schedule


Radio Thailand is not an easy catch in Michigan, but they do make it here regularly, particularly in our winter Mornings. If the sunspots continue to cooperate, the first half of their 0000-0100 broadcast to North America manages to make it here year 'round too. (there is a beam change after that slewing westward, and they get much weaker!)

Give them a listen, and as always, don't forget to drop RT a line and let them know their continued use of SW is appreciated!

Their main web page is here.

HSK9 English service for B-13

0000-0100  13745  North America
0200-0230  13745  North America
0530-0600  12015  Europe/Africa
1230-1300   9390  Asia/Pacific
1400-1430   9390  Asia/Pacific
1900-2000   9965  Europe
2030-2045   9535  Europe

Radio Thailand, World Service (HSK9)
Public Relations Department, 
Royal Thai Government 
236 Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, 
Din Daeng, Bangkok 10400

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