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Radio Exterior de Espaņa
English Schedule


Radio Exterior de Espaņa has cut way back on their English service, however, they do maintain a bit of a service, and as always there appears to be a 'direct pipeline' from Spain to Michigan, so they are well received on transmissions directed our way. Additionally, their Spanish programming continues to be well heard in North America too if you are interested in that.

Do please remember to write to REE and tell them you appreciate their continued presence on Short Wave!

Their English webpage is here.


For A-2014 all English transmissions are direct from Spain, 
   and use 250 kW Transmitters. This is good from March 2014 to October 2014 ....

0000-0100 daily      6055/290°               North America
1900-2000 M-F        9655/ 50°   11615/168°  Europe and Africa
2100-2200 Sat/Sun    9655/ 38°               W Europe

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