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International Radio of Serbia
English schedule

(direct and via

Radio Serbia's Web page schedule. Use the links at the top to find additional information and contact info.
Don't be shy about commenting to those stations like R Serbia that remain on the air!
International Radio of Serbia in English for B-2013 good until March 2014

 Time       Freq   days        pwr    transmitter site   target area
 ---------  ----   -------     ---    -----------------  -------------------
 0130-0200  6190   ..34567     250    BIH Bijeljina      N America / Europe
 0130-0230  6190   .2.....     250    BIH Bijeljina      N America / Europe
 1400-1430  9635   1234567      10    SRB Beograde       Europe / N Africa
 1930-2000  6100   1234567     250    BIH Bijeljina      Europe
 2200-2230  6100   1234567     250    BIH Bijeljina      Europe

  Radio Yugoslavia / International Radio Serbia also broadcasts in 
    Serbian, Greek, Italian, Russian, Spanish, French, German, Arabic
    and Chinese on Shortwave as well as additional languages on MW.  
  Unlike a lot of other stations who don't think SW is useful, 
    this little country continues to broadcast from two sites with
    a varied schedule in many languages. Are western broadcasters
    paying attention? Shoot, if Serbia can afford it ....

BIJ = Jabanu÷a near Bijeljina, Bosnia [YABANUSHA, BEE-YEL-YINA]
BEO = Stubline near Belgrade, Serbia [STUBLINEH]

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