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Radio Prague, Czech Republic
English Schedule

Radio Prague's Web page

Radio Prague ended direct shortwave broadcasting on January 31, 2011. However, in North America we can still nominally tune in to Radio Pragues English and Spanish broadcasts via Radio Miami International. WRMI's Web page

Radio Prague in English via WRMI according to Radio Prague's website:

(Daily)             0700-0730  9955
(Monday-Friday)     1000-1030  9955
(Saturday-Sunday)   1930-2000  9955 

But ... according to WRMI's schedule the following is correct
Saturday/Sunday     0600-0630  9955
Monday-Saturday     0900-0930  9955
daily               1430-1500  9955

so your guess as to when Prague is really on WRMI is as good as ours -- anyone actually monitor this to let us know for sure?

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