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KNLS (Alaska)
English Schedule

(direct w/updates from Rob Wagner)

KNLS's Web page

KNLS is often a tough catch in Michigan but not impossible! The people behind KNLS also have plans for a new station in Madagascar. From their website in 2012: "In addition to the station in Alaska, a new site in Madagascar is being developed into a facility that will broadcast, via three antennae, throughout Europe and Western Asia, the Middle East, Africa, India, and even across the Atlantic to South America." The equipment is ready, but at last hearing, had not yet been shipped to Madagascar because of bureaucratic 'red-tape'. We'll provide additional details as they become available.

Still no word of when to expect the station on air as of November 2013, and the website is strangely silent about this now.

All are 100 kW daily, this is their English broadcasts only:
B-2013   KNLS Oct 27,2013 to March 30, 2014  

1000-1100  9655    (Rob Wagner reports this is now on 9615 as of 12/2013)
1200-1300  9615 
1500-1600  9655

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