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Radio Japan/NHK English Service


NHK's Shortwave Web page. Since the demise of Sackville they have given up on North America as a target, and 'shrunk' the rest of their offerings greatly, but they are still audible in Michigan at 0500 and 1000 .... not the most convenient times, but ....

NHK in English service has shrunk to a shadow of its former self.
NHK Japan English for A-15

0500-0530   5975 w     Europe         
0500-0530  11970 i     Africa 
1000-1030   9625       Oceania/Hawaii   
1100-1130   9760 w     Europe          Fris only in DRM
1200-1230  11740 s     SE Asia       
1400-1430  11705 p     SE Asia       
1400-1430  15735 t     SW Asia     
1800-1830   9755 m     Central Africa         

w = Woofferton UK
i = Issoudun  France
s = Kranji, Singapore
p = Palau
t = Taskent, Uzbekistan
m = Meyerton South Africa
no letter = via Japan

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