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Voice of Indonesia
English Service

via Ivo Ivanov in the DXLD email list with info from Aoki

The VoI is not exactly an easy catch from Michigan, but they do make it here occasionally!

VoI B-2014 all are from Jakarta-Cimanggis transmitters and are 250 kW and all are daily

INDONESIA Voice of Indonesia was back on SW on Nov.20 after being
off for a short while.
Here is their English schedule for the rest of B-2014 (to March 2015)

1000-1100  9525v Jakarta-Cimanggis 250 kW / 135 deg to AUS 
1300-1400  9525v Jakarta-Cimanggis 250 kW / 010 deg to EaAs
1900-2000  9525v Jakarta-Cimanggis 250 kW / 290 deg to WeEu

Although they are on 9525 kHz nominally, the transmitter is generally on 9525.9 of late.

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