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Deutsche Welle,
English Schedule

(via BCL News)

Deutsche Welle's Web page is more an on line news source and secondarily points you at satellite and television resources, and there is almost no detail left about SW radio.

DW has long ago stopped targeting Areas other than Africa with radio (and particularly with SW radio) and they have now decommissioned the transmitter in Kigali Rwanda. They've cut off their afternoon programming a while ago, and what remains is not always easy to year, unless you are in a quiet location. But they are still there if you look.

Deutsche Welle English for A-2015 from 29.March.2015 - 24.October.2015
A mixed bag. They have begun using transmitters other than Kigali, but they have cut WAY back 
on their SW air time, eliminating the evening broadcasts to Africa completely. 

We miss them in the North American afternoons already! 

A-15 DWL Cologne registrations.
 9800 0400 0500 46SE,47,48W,52,53NW,53S,57N    MDC 250 265 Eng MDG 
15275 0400 0500 46,47,48,52,53,57              DHA 250 225 Eng UAE 

 7425 0500 0600 48SW,52NE,52S,53,57            MEY 250 19  Eng AFS 
15275 0500 0600 46E,47,48,52,53,57N            MDC 250 245 Eng MDG 

15275 0700 0800 37,38,39,46,47,48,52,53,57     ISS 500 172 Eng F   
15560 0700 0800 37,38,46,47,52                 ASC 250 65  Eng G   

(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Mar 18)

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