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The University Network / Caribbean Beacon English Service


"Pastor" Melissa Scott, and her late husband Dr. Gene Scott, can be heard both via WWCR and the station the "ministry" owns in Anguilla which alternately goes by the name "University Network" and (rarely of late) Caribbean Beacon. Sadly, though, they never seem to replay any of Dead Dr. Gene's really good snits....

The "University Network" station on Anguilla
      (a/k/a Caribbean Beacon) For B-2013:
1000-2200  11775 - Daytime Frequency
2200-1000   6090 - Nighttime Frequency
0000-2400    690 kHz - 24 hrs a day
0000-2400   1610 kHz - 24 hrs a day
0000-2400  100.1 MHz FM in Anguilla- 24 hrs a day

WWCR Nashville, TN carries University Network 
programming on:
1300-0100  13845 kHz - Daytime Frequency
0100-1300   5935 kHz - Nighttime Frequency

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