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Although aimed at Africa only, the beam from Zambia to West Africa continues on in a straight line almost directly to Michigan so they are well heard here, particularly in the local afternoons. Their unusual emphasis on evangelical non-demonanational religion and public health issues (particularly AIDS) makes for some rather eclectic programming!

1Africa  CVC programmed from South Africa and aimed at Africa, but transmitters located in Zambia:

 Freq  Time      Pwr Beam 
_____  _________ ___ ____ 

 9505  2000-2200 100 315  
13590  0600-2000 100 315  

Some sources claim they are still on 
 4965 1700-0500  100 0   
 6065 0500-1700  100 0 
     but this is not listed on their website -- it could be CVC programming from a different studio .... 
          IF it is still on!

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