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Radio Habana Cuba (Cuba)
English Schedule

(via direct monitoring)

The 'official' webpage for Radio Habana Cuba

Radio Havana Cuba lists a schedule that is good only to 28/March/2015 on its web page, but this is the presumed RHC schedule in English for A-15 based on actual monitoring at the beginning of April. They appear to be on the same frequencies as B-14 but SOME are shifted one hour — some ahead and some back!

We’ve spent some 'ear time' looking, and the broadcasts marked with an aster*sk are verified by MARE monitoring, but this is as always subject to the whims of those in Cuba — or mistakes by transmitter techs or whatever (For example, although 6060 has been observed with English as early as 0100, it is nominally scheduled for Spanish until 0500). Have you noticed something other than what's listed here? Let us know!

RHC schedule for A-15 in English:

*0100-0700   6000  ECNA         ("New York" -- generally the best in Michigan...)
*0100-0700   6165  Mid-West NA  ("Chicago" -- generally NOT the best in Michigan...)
*0100-0700   6060/6150†  ECNA   ("Washington")   
*0500-0700   6100  WCNA         ("San Francisco") 
*0500-0600   5040  Caribbean    
*1900-2000  11760  S America    
*2300-2400  11880  Africa       
*2300-2400   5040  Caribbean    

RHC also broadcasts in Spanish, French, Portugese, Arabic, Creole, Quechua and in Esperanto (!) 

†= both channels have been observed on different days in A-15. We believe the INTENDED 
     frequency is 6150 however, switching errors do happen and we assume that
     is what was going on here! 

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