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China Radio International,
English Schedule

(via Bi Newsletter)

Bucking the trend of stations that are cutting back, CRI continues to broadcast in English, and if anything they have increased the number of channels they use, and are easily heard in Michigan.

Here is China Radio International's English Web page which includes a stream of their programming and a lot of other fancy bandwidth intensive stuff. This link has their current frequency schedule for North America and the Caribbean. Apparently they have stopped including their local FM and MW relays, realizing that they were heard by almost no-one—is there still a MW station in the Washington DC area carrying them?

The Spain, Cuba and Albanian relays are best in the local evenings in Michigan, but they are also easily heard directly from China on several channels and at different times of the day in Michigan. A challenge is always fun, right?

 China Radio International  A-15  English 
From  March 29, 2015

0000-0057 English    15125bei, 13750bei, 11885xia, 11790xia, 9570cer, 7425kas, 7350kas, 6180kas, 6075kas, 6020cer
0100-0157 English    15785xia, 15125bei, 11870kas, 9675kas, 9580hab, 9570cer, 9535kas, 9470kas, 6180kas, 6020cer
0200-0257 English    13640kas, 11770kas
0300-0357 English    15785xia, 15120bei, 15110kas, 13590bei, 11770kas, 9790hab, 9690E
0400-0457 English    17855bei, 17730xia, 15785xia, 15120bei, 13590bei
0500-0557 English    17855bei, 17730xia, 17540kas, 17510kas, 15465kas, 15350kas, 11895kas, 11710cer
0600-0657 English    17710bei, 17540kas, 17510kas, 15465kas, 15350kas, 15145kas, 13645xia, 11895kas, 11870kas, 11750cer
0700-0757 English    17710bei, 13660xia
0700-0857 English    17670kas, 17540kas, 17490kas, 15465kas, 15350kas, 13710cer, 11895kas 
0800-0857 English    11620xia
0900-0957 English    17750kas, 17650kas, 17650kun, 17570uru, 17490kas, 15350kas, 13790jin, 11620xia
1000-1057 English    17750kas, 17490kas, 15350kas, 15210kun, 13790jin, 13720xia, 13590bei, 13570xia, 11635bei, 11610xia
1100-1157 English    13720xia, 13590bei, 11795kas
1100-1257 English    17490kas, 15660kas, 13665cer, 11660kas, 11650uru, 5955bei
1200-1257 English    17630uru, 11980kun, 11760kun, 11690xia, 9760kun, 9730kun, 9645bei, 9600kun, 9460kas,
1300-1357 English    17630uru, 13755kas, 13670kas, 13590hab, 11980xia, 11900kun, 11760kun, 11660kas, 9870xia, 9765bei,
                     9730bei, 5955bei
1400-1457 English    17630bko, 17630uru, 15700hab, 13710kas, 13685bko, 11765uru, 11675uru, 11665uru, 9870xia, 9765xia, 5955bei,
1500-1557 English    17630bko, 15700hab, 15245kas, 13685bko, 13640kas, 11610kas, 9880nnn, 9870xia, 9785jin, 9720uru, 7395uru, 7325bei,
1600-1657 English    15250kas, 13760kas, 11965kas, 11940kas, 11900jin, 9880nnn, 9570bei, 7235kas, 6175nnn, 6060kun
1700-1757 English    13760kas, 13570xia, 12015bei, 11900jin, 9880nnn, 9570bei, 7420kas, 7410kas, 7265kun, 7235bei, 6175nnn,
                     6165bei, 6140kas, 6090kun
1800-1857 English    13760kas, 9600bei
1900-1957 English    9440kun, 7295kas
2000-2057 English    13630bko, 11640bko, 9600kas, 9440kun, 7415kas, 7295kas, 7285cer, 5985bei
2000-2157 English    7285cer, 5960cer
2100-2157 English    9600kas, 7415kas, 7325bei, 7205xia
2200-2257 English    9590bei
2300-2357 English    11955kun, 11790xia, 11690bei, 7410kas, 7350kas, 5990hab

Site key:
bei Beijing  China
bko Bamako   Mali
cer Cerrik   Albania
e   Noblejas España
hab Habana   Cuba
jin Jinhua   China
kas Kashi    China 
kun Kunming  China
nnn Nanning  China
xia Xian     China

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