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Radio Cairo
English Service

(via HFCC and Aoki)

Don't expect to actually be able to understand anything that is being broadcast as the audio quality of this station is notoriously horrible, but occasionally they do 'get their act in gear' and you can sort of hear them. It is sort of a shame though as much interesting stuff is going on in this area of the world, and it would be nice to get a local's perspective!
The 2300 broadcast is most reliable in Michigan ...

 via Abu Zaabal for B-2013 good until March 2014

0200-0330   9720    250   330    to Central and Western North America
1215-1330  17870    250    90    to SE Asia and India
1600-1800  15345    150   195    to Central and Southern Africa
1900-2030  15290    100   250    to Central and West Africa
2115-2245   9900    250   315    to Europe
2300-0030   9965    250   325    to Eastern North America

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