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Adventist World Radio
English Service

(direct and via Aoki)

AWR's Web page makes it almost painful to discover when they are are on the air, but it sure is easy to 'listen online'. I wonder how many people in sub-Sahara or the Pacific prefer using data minutes to tuning in on the radio? Curious.... We think they know this as they just spent a lot of money and effort rehabbing the Guam (KSDA) SW transmitter facility, but they are afraid to admit it for some reason. Maybe because they know SW isn't dead, but are afraid if they say it, they won't be taken seriously? C'mon, we promise we won't make fun of you AWR -- just admit it.

1530-1600 1234..7 11750   AWR   250  75  D   Nauen
1600-1630 1234567 15215   KSDA  100 285  GUM Agat
1600-1630 1234567 15660   KSDA  100 285  GUM Agat
1630-1700 .2.4.6. 11805   KSDA  100 300  GUM Agat
1830-1900 1234567 11830   AWR   250  19  AFS Meyerton
2100-2130 1234567  9830   AWR   300 210  AUT Moosbrunn
2230-2300 1234567 15320   KSDA  100 255  GUM Agat
2330-0000 1.....7 17700   KSDA  100 270  GUM Agat

 Continuing with what many stations have done, AWR no longer uses Wertachtal but instead has a couple 
transmissions via Nauen in what was East Germany.  Just FYI ....

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