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All India Radio English SW Schedule

direct from the AIR website
All India Radio is not an easy catch in Michigan, but they do make it here, particularly in the local afternoon. Give them a listen, and as always, don't forget to drop them a line and let them know their continued use of SW is appreciated!

Their main web page is here but don't expect it to lead to anything related to radio. There is however, a handy link to send them a reception report -- use it to get a QSL, and let them know they have an audience on the radio!

INDIA Summer A-16 shortwave schedule of All India Radio:
(27th March, 2016  to 30th October, 2016)

1000-1100     7270   13695   15030   15410   17510   17895D                    Sri Lanka, Australia and New Zealand & NE Asia
1330-1500     9690   11620   13710                                             E & SE Asia
1745-1945     7550D   9445    9950D  11580   11670   11935   13695   17670     UK, W Europe, W & NW Africa, Mauritius & E Africa
2045-2230     7550D   9445    9910    9950D  11620   11670   11740             UK, W Europe, Australia and New Zealand
2245-0045     9690    9705   11710 / 11645D  13605D                            E & SE Asia / NE Asia

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