American Forces Network (AFN)
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(formerly American Forces Radio and Television Service)


AFN currently uses two 'backup' feeder transmissions primarily for ships at sea, carrying relays of domestic programming and original AFN shows for sailors and service personnel. The Key West Florida transmitters have been decommissioned and the Pear Harbor Hawaii transmitters are "Out of service for an indefinite period" according to the AFN.
(From American Forces Network (AFN))

For B-2013
                     Daytime     Nighttime
                     ----------- -----------
Diego Garcia         USB 12759   USB 4319
Guam                 USB 13362   USB 5765

No longer in service:
Key West, Florida    USB  5446.5 USB  5446.5
"   "      "         USB  7811.0 USB  7811.0
"   "      "         USB 12133.5 USB 12133.5
Pearl Harbor, Hawaii  "indefinitely out of service"

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