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COVID-19 notice:

We're back to operating 'as normal' except that DXpeditions will be open to only COVID vaccinated individuals. We hold these events in small cabins that don't allow for 'social distancing' and mask wearing is impractical, so in an attempt to help those who are immunocompromised or otherwise at risk, we have to insist on this precaution.

Other than that one minor change, operations remain as always, and you can count on MARE to provide the latest in radio news and special events. Our paper bulletin, and the weekly TipSheets remain unchanged, and we will continue to hole in person meetings, and the occasional 'virtual' meeting as well since now that option is available!

AND, please contribute your loggings and other information so we can keep everyone updated. MARE is a club. We work only because members contribute information! We continue to need your input. Please ask if you have questions, and do continue to contribute!

What's new and what's updated at MARE, Inc.

  • updated Private link .... Updated 2021/October/09.
  • Are you a MARE member? If you are, click the link above and use the member name and password printed in the bulletin to get access to exclusive content and a 'radio' themed home page with info and data of use to radio hobbyists -- including an updated view of the MARE member calendar with the latest radio events of note to MARE members wherever they may be! The rest of the site is open to everyone, so even if you aren't a member feel free to poke around, and drop us a line if you are interested in joining MARE, Inc. We're the best little radio club in Michigan, and there are those who would say the best in the whole wide world too! :)
    Not a member but want to join? Click here for more information about 'MARE, Inc.' and an application to join us!

  • --Updated the links/descriptions in Shortwave Radio Broadcasting schedules page(2021/04/19)
  • --Updated the listing of Michigan TV stations (2020/Mar/04)
  • --Updated links in the MW/FM/TV section (2020/Feb/04)
  • --Updated local groups and resources (2020/Jan/26) If you note we are missing a local club in the Great Lakes area, please send us details and we'll include them too!
  • --Complete revamp of the Michigan MW/FM list (2014/Mar/26)

  • --English SWBC schedules--Links Updated 2020/February/04, our schedules last updated 2016/August/01.
    Would you like to see this updated again? We need help! If you'd like to assist, let us know!

    -- If you have other info we lack please send us your updates and information!
    Links2Go Award

    MARE's schedules page was selected by 'Links2Go' (an independent web page rating service that has since gone off line) as a "Key Resource" in the Shortwave topic, and they considered us an "indispensable resource on the World Wide Web" according to their standards. We're pleased they agreed, even if we've outlasted them!

  • --We are no longer updating a public local events calendar (2012) We do have a calendar of radio events available for our members on the 'members only' page that includes both our events, and those of other clubs and organizations as well as important 'radio events' like DX Tests, contests and the like, so check there for updates and as always .... Please send us details of your radio activity in Michigan and surrounding area and we'll include that event too!
  • -- The Sony 2010 'Resource File" is now offline due to abuses -- email us if you'd like to see this back (2004/Mar/30)
  • Main page last tweaked 2022/April/16 -- updates to keep things more current -- January 2022 marked our 24th anniversary on the web, and we'd been e-publishing for 25 years in January 2019 -- our SILVER anniversary! Yes, we've had an email publication for over 28 years now! So exactly how old does that make in in 'internet years'?

    About the Michigan Area Radio Enthusiasts, Inc. ('MARE')

    The Michigan Area Radio Enthusiasts, Inc. ('MARE' for short) is a non-profit hobby club dedicated to providing information about all radio hobbies. We are recognized by the State of Michigan and the (US) Federal government as a 501(c)(7) non-profit corporation, and membership is open to anyone who has an interest in any radio hobby.

    In addition to producing a bi-monthly paper newsbulletin, and 'e-publishing' frequent "TipSheets" (e-mail newsletters) 'MARE' also organizes frequent local meetings in Michigan (and occasionally to surrounding areas for special events). Click here for more information about 'MARE, Inc.' and an application to join us!

    Some of the specific hobby areas we cover are:

    How to Contact us...

    SW / SWL / Radio hobby info
    You can send us snail-mail at our postal address:
    Michigan Area Radio Enthusiasts, Inc.
    PO Box 72
    Owosso MI 48867-0072
    United States of America
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    The Michigan Area Radio Enthusiasts, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c)(7) corporation devoted to promoting the radio hobbies.
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